Thursday, June 21, 2007

You got me

The start of my day was so bad - with lack of sleep, blurry vision, and a missed swim session - I was terribly out of my sanity zone. Adding up to my dismay was drizzling polluted rain on my way to the office. I was so lethargic I did not even bother to get my folding umbrella from my backpack and snap it open.

I was so not getting the feel of working and doing my planned tasks if not for the unexpected cute smile of my "chinito" officemate turned crush. Gosh! He melted me with his smile. It's a rare feat for him to notice me in a morning like this.

He is so chin-dropping mesmerizing cute! (Giggles!) He's sooo a boy-next-door guy, who'd ever think he's a husband and dad already (I didn't).

Too bad I can't share a picture of him. (^_^)


ian said...

hi drake, nice blog... it's good you have an eyecandy in the office. hehe. ako puro girls ang tao sa office. maliit lang kasi office namin. i found your blog through misterhubs' blog. dati sa may emerald din kami, kakalipat lang this june sa san miguel ave. can we exchange links? thanks!

Drake said...

@ian: thanks 4 d visit. sure we may exchange links (^_^)

ian said...

hi drake. you're welcome. i've already linked you up. :) thanks!

ladyMacho said...

hahaha! drake, d obvious na kilig na kilig ka ah...sayang d ko nakita ung moment na ganyan tym iinform mo ko ha..babatukan kita pag d mo ginawa..hehehe!