Friday, June 22, 2007

Emancipation Anniversary Part 1

Today is the first anniversary of my emancipation - my coming out! But not a coming out to the whole clan, friends, colleagues, society... no, I am not there yet. This day marks my first attempt to open up myself to a close friend, my best friend now, that I am homosexual. And not just my being homosexual, but also the profession of my heart's true desire - that my once high school best friend is not just simply a best friend, but is the person whom my heart has found refuge.

How time flies swiftly, I hardly noticed it's been a year already.

To remember this "somehow" liberating day of mine, my best friend and I went on for dinner last night at SumoSam, located at the Ledge of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. SumoSam has been a venue for one of the significant events in my life.

SumoSamMarvin Agustin's SumoSam: Americanized Japanese eating place.

California RollsI haven't tried their California rolls so I opted to get them. (Yum yum!)

Katsudon, Red and Green Iced TeaBest friend's Katsudon (we shared), my Green Iced Tea, and her Red one.

The California rolls were delectable to the palate - the mango tasted fresh. The only kvetch I had was that the rolls were not tightly made and sealed, and seemed to be a bit anorexic to my expectation. The Katsudon, which's often ordered whenever we dine at SumoSam, was fairly delicious, though the meat wasn't tender enough for me. Best friend thought that its taste was different from the first time we had it on our table almost a year ago. And so did I... (Probably because of change in chef(?)). Then again, the rice was still divine - glistening like sparkles of crystal to the eyes, and cooked well enough to achieve optimal pleasure while chewing.

For dessert, we bought each one a cup of ice cream from FIC. I was the one who suggested to have dessert so... I had to pay for our treat. Haha! Well, I actually volunteered. (^_^)

FIC Ice Cream BoothFIC Ice Cream Booth

Raspberry and LITE MangoLITE Mango and Raspberry Ice Cream

This evening, I am anticipating another meet-up with best friend. We hope to have an SB moment on the same venue, on the same set of table and chairs, where I finally emancipated myself, at least, to an important person whom I can now talk freely and confidently about anything, even if it's queer. ;)

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Beejing said...

Wish you all the best on your coming out. :D .

Drake said...

@beejing: Thanks! I actually don't have plans about that yet... Need to muster the forces in me. :D