Wednesday, June 27, 2007

(Don't!) Super Size Me

One of my colleagues told me to see this documentary about fast food eating, which was released three or four years ago in the US. The title was Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions by Morgan Spurlock, the director and at the same time the "test specimen" of the documentary.

Super Size Me's an experiment regarding eating fast food and if the people can actually eat fast food alone without jeopardizing health, in its different facets e.g. mental, bodily, psychological, sexual. Morgan underwent a month-long McDonald's diet, eating McDonald's food all day and night, no exception (That's so taste fatiguing! I myself can't imagine eating similar foods with fairly the same taste in a row of days. And it's fast food! Gross...). Ultimately, the film delivers a message that fast food eating is not healthy at all (Err... that's a no-brainer!) and can cause drastic if not life-threatening diseases to the organic human body.

If you're fond of gorging McDonald's and any fast food for that matter, and it seems to be addictive to you, you better see this film. Though the experiment is extreme ('cause people don't really eat fast food "all the time", though a lot eat fast food "more often" than they should), I'm pretty sure you'd get a good insight and somewhat an "inspiration" to slow down your eating and focus on what you take in down your gut. As the adage goes, "Moderation is the key".

Note: Photo above is taken from the Super Size Website.

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After watching this documentary, I lost all my appetite for McDonalds.