Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three sunrises to pass and off I go to Hong Kong

I can't believe I only have three nights left before I embark into the islands of Hong Kong. The more I am anticipating now our (my friends and I) adventures on this Chinese territory - Disneyland, Ocean Park, the food!, The Peak, the airport, the infamous hostel where we're about to lodge in, the food!, the MTR, the people, the shops... did I mention food already? All the more I should get excited since this will be my first international flight, hopefully (With fingers crossed).

Personally, this vacation is a budget trip as I do not plan to expend a lot in shopping. I'm more into the sights and feel of the places we're going to. Of course, the food, especially the dim sums, are a given to my "to experience list". I just hope we'd get good food choices for affordable prices. I've read a number of articles that Hong Kong restaurants' menu prices can go from dirt-poor ranges to socialite levels. Anyway, the restos are a less of a concern, the street food is what I am after food. I just hope I don't get ill after binging all those buns and glistening dumplings. ^_^

Are those Hong Kong banknotes in the picture still in circulation? My maternal grandmother gave them to me from her last HK trip, which is more than a decade ago. Hehe.

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