Friday, June 29, 2007

Hong Kong, here I come!

Yes, tomorrow is the most awaited day of recent time - my sojourn to Hong Kong. Everything in my mind now is just plain preoccupation on what I'll bring, what I'll buy, and what I'll do in the three-day trip. Of course I have a tentative itinerary; But still, a lot of surprises await me there. It'll be my first time in a foreign world and my first time to be a stranger to most.

On this trip:
- I'll be with my 3 college friends.
- We'll be staying in a cheap hostel in the notorious downtown Kowloon.
- Disneyland and Ocean Park are the main treats! (at least for me, but not for one of my friends 'cause he's more into shopping).
- Of course, the dim sum eating doesn't get far from these two, as far as enthusiasm is concerned.
- I'll just be bringing exactly 448 US dollars and 2000 pesos (But when emergency happens, my credit card will save. Haha! Just kidding!).

I am tremendously excited! Wish me well on this trip, and my other friends too. =D

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