Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A cheap tip for a cheap treat

I just want to share this to fellow frappuccino fanatics out there, especially those who have a penchant for Starbucks'. My bestfriend told me a month ago or so about this "split-frap customization" a Starbucks customer can avail of. What I mean by "split-frap customization" is that a larger size frap, a Venti preferably, can be "split" and contained in two Tall-sized cups. It's like purchasing two Tall fraps for the price of a Venti! Isn't that an ease on the pocket or what?

Who would have guessed that I can get a 70-peso* frap from SB? (I'm such a fall guy for cheap treats!) As long as I have someone to share with the split Venti, there's no problem! (Except that we both should agree on what frap to get. Hehe)



Talaga. I'll try that nga, lalo na when I order my favorite, Green Tea Frap.

Drake said...

@misterhubs: Yeah, you should try it with you hubby. Green Tea Frap is also a fave of mine. :)