Thursday, June 14, 2007

Give me a break

This week's such an awkward and unusual week for me. It's not that it's Independence Week. It's because of the unprecedented influx of high-ranking managers lingering the office. They're like bees flying, i mean pacing along the corridors, surprisingly showing up without me noticing them (That gives me the creeps!). I'm not really used to them.

And because of their presence, I need to make myself look and "be" busy. Oh damn! I need work load, so give me some to occupy my lallygagging mind! Hehe. Besides, the company's paying me so I should do something for it. Harhar. Well... good riddance I get to have intermittent (at least) work loads, just like now (I am so stuck fixing this elusive code bug; Maybe I'll just call the day off and just continue tomorrow morning). Yey, tomorrow is Friday, the end of the week! No more bosses after that. ;)

Enough said about work. Lately, I've been missing a few things...
- I miss going to the pool. I haven't been in the water for the past two weeks. That's a sin to my weekly routine! And it doesn't feel good not having enough physical work. My body's already demanding an explanation!
- I miss going out of the office and meeting bestfriend to talk about our recent chronicles. I miss the coffee sessions too!

Gosh! It's 11 minutes before 7 0'clock. I better get going now 'cause I need to rise early for tomorrow. I still need to bear 2 hours of road travel just to get home. Adios!


sparrow_jack said...

i miss meeting my bestfriend too..:( hope to see you soon! mwah!


First time to drop by on your blog. I like it! Linked you up in mine :-)

Beejing said...

Nyah! I could relate, I missed my friends too... talking over Starbux Coffee! Wah!

Drake said...

@misterhubs: muchas gracias!
@beejing: yeah. it's really missing having quality time with trusted friends.