Friday, June 1, 2007

Love's contemplation

In the past nights I had been thinking about my feelings towards Shane and how I was dealing with the process of moving on. Well, in the past couple of months, to pathetically aver, I wasn't really moving on. Rather, I was stubbornly clinging on to what seemed to be futile from the day of its conception - the deep-seated love that's been aging in my heart and never expressed fully to its rightful owner.

And so, one night... after earnestly convincing myself that nothing will work out between the two of us, I finally made a decision to choose a path. A path that most hopeful lovers would not want to walk along, the path of letting go...

I would be a hypocrite to say that everything's fine now with me - that I have completely recovered and redeemed myself. As I have said before, something so engraved in my life would take some amount of time to corrode. All I know is that now I have made a decision, and I am sticking to it no matter how difficult or painful it can get along the way. If not, I would end up nothing at all because I know for a fact Shane is and will only be a friend as we have been nine years ago. One thing is for sure, that after I cross this path I've chosen, after the journey's culmination, I'll end up a better stronger person.

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