Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ditch the cigars and save innocent lives!

Today, May 31, is World No Tobacco Day. It's just recently that I found out about such special day.

I have long been an advocate of non-smoking. I abominate smoking!!! It's one of the primary reasons of lung diseases in our country, aside from the ambient pollution that smothers every citizen especially in highly urban and commercialized areas such as Metro Manila. The poor non-smokers, most expecially the innocent children, are so much exposed to this life-threatening vice. Furthermore, the sad reality of smoking is present in mere family houses. Parents casually and irresponsibly puff their cigars amidst the presence of their young children (I myself have experienced such from my parents and aunties).

This year's theme is about Smoke-Free Environment. Read on the link provided to be aware of what World No Tobacco Day is about.

To smokers out there, have a second thought on your next cigar whiff. It might be the means to the end of your child, or one of your household members, maybe your spouse, your loved-one, anybody can be a victim. Be aware of second-hand smoking and what it can do to others. Quit smoking even if it's just for your own good. Do yourself a favor!

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