Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The victim of my occasional caprice

Just this afternoon I was hardly concentrating on my work. I barely understood the documents I was reading. The culprit - the sleepyhead in me.

To relieve myself from being unproductive, I decided to get cold coffee from a new coffee shop. I can only take cold coffee with milk and not hot instant coffee from the pantry not for frivolous reasons but because cold coffee with milk (e.g. frappuccinos), for some weird effects, does not make my stomach sour. Also, given that I was curious and eager to try iced coffee from this new cafe, I splurged and gave in to my whim. Ergo, I got:

La Latte
Well, the frap was typically pleasurable, but nothing special about it. Nevertheless, I got my dose of caffeine. Despite the delight of having this new beverage, I needed to pay a hurtful price of scathing my bestfriend's feeling and expectation. Apparently, she and I decided to go to SanFo Coffee (SC) together. And yet, I busted our agreement.

I was conscious on my decision to go to SC. Whimsical as it was, I was knowledgeable on what my bestfriend would feel if she knew I was there without her. I knew my bestfriend; She treasured our moments together, especially those "first time" moments. After taking a few sips from my cold bev, and having a post-evaluation on what I did, I decided to tell her about my doing. And so, I apologized; That was all I could do. I would not want to be lying to her; I am not like that. I may be selfish but I am not a liar. For most people, such is just a fiddling event. But for my bestfriend, it's more than what people would comprehend. I understand her. So, I am sorry....

On a lighter note, it's a good thing I got these buy-1-get-1 tickets from SC. My bestfriend and I can use them on our first day together at SanFo coffee. :)

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