Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jack Sparrow's a bit lame... and so was everybody else!

As I have told in my May 24 post, my friends and I were to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End yesterday. And so we did... But before that, we had short repasts from Wendy's.

my college friend's Bacon Cheeseburger
my college friend's burger
my bestfriend's classic burger
my bestfriend's burger
and mine too (that doesn't look appetizing to me)
my burger

(My bad, I ordered the wrong item (ludicrous me!). I should had gotten a Chicken Breast Fillet Sandwich instead... drool...)

As soon as we got in the movie house, the film was all set in a tad of 5 minutes. Then it rolled in....

Placement-wise, we were not fortunate to have the best seats. We were on the third row from the screen. Ergo, my field of vision was so engrossed by the projection (After the movie, I was a bit queasy and my migraine attacked).

After almost three butt-sticking hours, the movie was through... And what did I get? A headache! Harhar! Well, aside from that mishap, I barely appreciated and enjoyed the film. It was partially dragging to me despite its quick pacing of events. I think what bothered me a lot in the movie were the number of sub-plots that did quite build-up a main story plot. I did not feel that there was a main goal in this Pirates sequel. A lot of "mini-chapters" (and so there were "mini-climaces") of each significant character were shown yet they were not able to support each other well enough to develop a main plot (and so I felt there wasn't a main climax) - something that a movie-goer like me would want to see. It was a bit perplexing to me what was the "real" main goal of the story as a lot of personal motives transpired but most were not complementary to each other as each motive meant betrayal and selfishness (I surmise it's because of the nature of being pirates).

All in all, the movie wasn't very pleasing to me. Despite it's long run, I felt no significant achievement in the story and there was little character development. Below are some more comments:
1. Chow Yun-Fat's character was a waste. He died soon in the duration of the movie and didn't build an impact to the story.
2. Cutler Beckett's "pre-death" scene was so corny. His being a villain was not well emphasized in this last serving of the trilogy. And so was his death - a pitiful death from his blown ship.
3. What were the strangulations in the first scene for? I did not seem to connect those in the storyline... [Sigh]
4. Calypso's accent was a mess. I think I needed a hearing aid then just to understand all her vocal nuances! (Or was it just the fault of the cinema acoustics?)

I am not totally disappointed, only a tad and a half though... Hehe. I still enjoyed Jack Sparrow's corny but still funny antics; And his eldritch solutions to seem-to-be-already-answered problems.

Given this, I am still tentative about this movie so I am giving it also a tentative rating (Hahaha!). My perception of the movie may have been affected by my headache and not so good mood then in the cinema. Perhaps if I'll get to watch it again, I'll have a better look at the scenes and consequently a better judgment (That is, if I'd really want to see it again.. Hahaha!). For now, that's all that I can say. c",)

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