Thursday, May 10, 2007

Missing my digicam

It has been two weeks now since I surrendered my Canon Powershot A630 to Canon Customer Service center to have it repaired. No serious damage to it - only the menu button is malfunctioning; The main imaging system's still intact. Apparently, the minute damage is a factory defect; I have experienced it on the first week of purchase but was not compelled to have it checked then since it functioned properly after restarting the device, thinking it was just a rare negligible glitch.

Such a mishap for me to have my digicam repaired at its early life (It was only purchased last March). Oh well, what can I do. I do not need a reason to be mad with Canon selling a faulty product. I just hope that they (the QA personnels) be very vigilant in scrutinizing their products before releasing to the public.

Too bad I can't bring it to my company's outing this weekend. I'll be missing a lot of great shots! [Sigh] Who am I to blame anyway?

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