Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another coffee treat and a dose of heartfelt talk

Yesterday, my bestfriend and I finally had our first time "together" at San Francisco Coffee. We had a nice tete-a-tete as we weren't able to meet in the past week (which was not so usual.. hehe). Dining-in, I bought her a Regular Extreme Mocha; I got a Regular Extreme Latte. Just to say I "treated" her, she was saved to pay for the drink since SanFo Coffee had a Buy-1-Take-1 promo (Knavish me... hehe). Aside from the cold drinks, we ordered a plate of ready-made lasagna. The taste was fine for us - meaty and tomato-tangy - but it was not at par with my expectations. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it together with the frapps.

We talked a lot, one topic segued to another. More of the conversation went mostly about my recent experiences. One of these was my late sojourn at Puerto Galera for our company outing.

As per our convention of telling past stories, I detailed out in chronology the two days I spent at the resort - The long land and water travel from Ortigas Center to the resort; The hearty lunch I had; Swimming during "free time" before the game activities commenced; Actively participated in the charades game and ultimate Amazing-Race-like relay I and my fellow officemates won (Yes, we won!); The dinner and booze session alongside the beach with an acoustic band; The return-to-resort gift certificate I won for guessing the right song in "Name that Tune"; Snorkling (without snorkling set... err) on the next day and saw a number of mature sea urchins hiding partly beneath colorful corals....

Telling all of that, we got into talking about the ubiquitous topic of love. I didn't know where it came from (probably from the caffeine in my glass); I just spilled in the thoughts of a not yet moved-on person in love.

In a blatant manner, I told her nothing has changed with my feelings toward Shane (not his real name); I am still straddled on the starting lane. Moving on, in my case, would take a long time especially from a person whom I have invested so much emotions. It would be a lie to pretend I have moved on yet I haven't gone a lap towards my goal. It's sickening... yet I am accepting it. Small steps are what I make... at least I am stepping away.

Aside from those two unrelated topics, we had a few ramblings and thinking-out-louds. Until the next coffee session....

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