Friday, May 11, 2007

The wake of my watching Spider-Man 3

It's been a while, maybe almost a year, since my last movie screening. I can barely picture in my vivid recollection what it was (maybe it was Enteng Kabisote last December when I watched it with my family). This late afternoon, my best friend and I had a movie date. I asked her to join me see Spiderman 3 at The Podium.

- First time in The Podium Cinema -
It was my first time at the high-end cinema mall. The room was quite smaller than that of Shangri-La's. The ambiance was cozy and fit for watching movie with less people to be concerned about.

- The CGs -
The computer graphics was great for the intensely speedy highflying action fight scenes. Bodily details were still scrupulously rendered to mimic real-life figures. Except for minor glitch of some smudgy and clay-like appearances, especially during the conflict scene between Harry and Peter in the first part of the film, all in all the CGs was almost impeccable.

- What matters most -
Well, the computer graphics are not a concern to me; The characters roles and actors are not to be bothered; I am never... really, as far as I can recall, very scrutinizing as to nitpick all aspects of a movie. What the movie has to offer best to me is what I can pick up from its entirety. By and large, the learnings of the movie would infect me the most.

Spider-Man 3, I would say, affected me much, not due to its sci-fi glitz, but because of its humanity. This portion of the trilogy, I'd say, is the most emotional and heartfelt one. Surprisingly, for the most conflicts in the movie, the corporal ones are not the meaningful ones. The simple human battles each significant character shown are the ones who have reached my attentive mind. It's flabbergasting to comprehend that such action-filled fiction would have quality of morals and life lessons.

Spider-Man movies are always surprising to me. I am not a fan of such type of film, but this sequel, Spider-Man 3, I would consider, is one of my favorites. The movie has so much values to offer, but all has a common denominator, the theme of the story, and that is our ability to make choices.

I have always been a firm believer of the mantra "Life's made up of choices". Though I have not been religiously practicing it for some capricious reasons, I do not defy it. There is not pretty much to say about it. As simple as it is, it speaks for what it wants to aver. Whatever we do in life, it is a choice. Be it influenced by other people, by emotions of hatred or joy, still... at the end of day, the final decision is still in you.

Lately I've been slack on what I do. I have been acting impulsively and selfishly. I have come to a point of doubts and suspicions that have tainted my once unadulterated beliefs. I know that all of those that I've done and said, be them driven by whims, are my decisions. I may have decided loosely on them, still, they've the ones I've chosen. Watching Spider-Man 3 lets me recall to pull back myself to where I have more than once been - to not be driven by disturbed emotional urges. So Spidey, I owe this one to you. Thanks, and you rock!!!

(Spider-Man 3, its names, places and all characters are copyright © to Columbia Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Comics.)

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