Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fixing my blog layout

I have been fixated to revamping my blogsite layout for the past week. I have had 3 revisions now and am planning a fourth one... Hehe. It seems that I am developing this obsession to this new found world of web designing.

Despite my background in computer science and multimedia, web designing topics are never my interests and never my forte. Given a choice between programming an inventory system or designing website, I'd choose the former (My geeky side would by and large dominate). I never really had a penchant for web applications or layouts for that matter. But recently, after jumpstarting this new blog, I have been so enthused in designing and redesigning its layout. It's probably because I don't have work tasks currently. Still, it's good to see that finally, I am interested in webby details, XML, CSS, etc.

I know my current layout is not yet through... but soon I'll be able to wrap it up! :)

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