Monday, May 7, 2007

An ice breaker in the morning of last Saturday

Last Saturday morning, I read a text message from my best friend. It was one of those read-then-answer texts. Apparently, I wasn't really interested to answer back because I just woke up then and wasn't really in the mind to totally comprehend the contents... hehe. Then again, I replied. The text message was this:

"Simple Question to test ur heart: there is a tree that's dying, then rain comes suddenly so it grew leaves. Then autumn came and wind blew the leaves awy. There are 5 chracters, u must choose 1. Rain, tree, leaves, wind & autumn. I'l send a reply after u answr.."

I answered tree (the lethargic me only replied "3" instead of "tree".. hehe) and surprisingly, I was flabbergasted and fully awakened by my best friend's following SMS. Here's the reply:

"Wind= u r da 3rd person in a love triangle.
Tree= u r very loyal 2 ur prtner n if u break up it wont b easy 4 u 3 4get..
Leaves= u r a playgirl/playboy
Rain= u want 2 find some 1 who will reAlly love n care 4u
Autumn= u can love 2 prson at da same time"

...[Sigh]... I was speechless...

Need I say more about it? My previous post last May 4 will suffice to explain why my answer is fitting...

See the answers and their corresponding meaning...

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