Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tidbits of the past days

... Last Friday, Shane finally replied to my most recent SMS to him. I thought he'd not care to reply but he did. Hehe. It's good progress for me to be reestablishing my lines with him again as good friends.

... Last Saturday I watched the grand finals of Pinoy Pop Superstar Season 3. The production numbers were pretty amusing and were highly embellished, especially the first production number of the grand contenders. Regine Velasquez never failed to burst her lungs out during her numbers as she always belted each climactic note (somewhat annoying to the ear). Good riddance she's devoid of the unflattering and perennial breast-peeking gowns (Kudos Regine!). Congratulations to the Top 2 finalists, namely Maricris Garcia and Bryan Termulo. The former was crowned the new PPS champion. I was quite disappointed on the result given that during the grand showdown of the two, it's so apparent that Bryan delivered a better rendition and interpretation of the song "One Voice" (the deciding song of the finale). Also, Maricris had some few glitches in her version. If I were to accept the criterion of "back to zero" scores for the last round, Bryan would have won. Then again, the decision had been laid down.

... Yesterday was an awfully painful, stomach-purging day! I couldn't believe I had to defecate four times. The culprit - the tangy and delicious Indian and Carabao mangoessssss (I mean a lot of mangoes here) I devoured last Sunday. They were so ready-to-be-eaten, I wasn't able to resist their charm (Yes, I love to eat mangoes, especially the tart ones!).

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