Friday, September 28, 2007

Measure of Life

In daylights, in sunsets,
in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches, in miles,
in laughter, in strife.

In money, in jewels,
in dinners, in plates of dishes.
In parties, in beers,
in dances, in songs.

In friends, in family,
in lovers, in dates and flings.
In work, in promotions,
in merit increase, in yearly bonus.

In kindness, in giving,
in hatred, in fear and sorrow.
In mercy, in forgiveness,
in acceptance, in moving on...

How do you measure your life?

Explication inspired by the first stanza, taken from the song Seasons of Love by Jonathan Larson (may he rest in peace).


Coldman said...

gusto ko yung last part
in acceptance, in moving on... haha!

bro, ex link?

chase said...

i love this song..
how do i measure my life?
in moments with my baby..

Drake said...

@Coldman: Hehe. Nakakarelate ka kasi kaya mo gusto. =)

Sure, me may exchange links. Thanks.

@Chase: I like the song too. I'm dying to see the film as I've never seen it before.

That's nice to know - you measure it with moments of love... =)

James said...

Ah, Rent! I love that movie.. and this song... Ah goosebumps!

Drake said...

You've watched the movie James? Aww... Too bad I could not find a copy of it...

James said...

send me ur address. il mail u a copy if i can find one here. i saw it when i was still assigned in ortigas, though..

the movie inspired me so much that i cried and cried till it hurted real bad..

Drake said...

Really? That's very thoughtful of you James. Thanks! =)

chase said...

i saw the movie.
but i fell asleep. heheh.. rented the vcd.

Drake said...

Hehe. Too bad you fell asleep. You don't like musicals that much Chase? =)