Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Self-portrait: An Asymptote

It gets closer and closer but never touches the curve.

Just a memento of mi primer amor.
You see, I was his asymptote for a long time (like almost a decade).
Now, I'm not romantically asymptotic anymore.
Just a sinusoidal friend.
(Haha, apologies for the nerdy mood.)


ladyMacho said...

ano ibg sabhin nito?

Drake said...

Sinagot na kita sa YM. Hehe. Oh well, there, I've added a few vague inclusions in my post. Hehe. Nerdy nerdy!

yoshke said...

have you received that message about the 3 saddest love stories in Math:

tangent lines --- meet once then will part forever

parallel lines --- will never meet

aymptotes --- can get closer and closer but will never meet.

I think I'm an asymptote, too.


Drake said...

Oh yeah, I think I did receive that message months ago. Thanks Yoshke for the visit. =)

James said...

hahaha... good one..

chase said...

i somewhat understand..
ang hirap i-comprehend ang math stuff.
genius talaga tong si drake. hehe

Drake said...

@James: Hehe. Thanks for the visit. =)
@Chase: Haha! Thanks for over complimenting. May pagka-weirdo lang ako pagdating sa mga bagay na 'yan. My friends tell that to me. Hehe.