Friday, September 21, 2007

To be one of the 100?

I forgot to check my phone this past morning. Just when I was reminded, I took it from my green messenger bag. To my surprise, seven SMS ready to be read; Not a typical scenario as I often receive, on the average, less than 5 text messages in a day, two of which are SMART's unsolicited promo texts (such an annoyance sometimes). As I skimmed over the new messages list, I saw this ostensible promo text from 231. I was about to delete it, good thing, I read the first part of the message 'cause it wasn't one of those SMART alerts. It said verbatim:

MOB:May chans ka 2b a 1 vs. 100 contestant!Ur invited 2 come 2 ABSCBN QC on SATURDAY 9/22/07,10am for screening.Bring valid ID & ballpen.Dnt erase ds msg.

Hahaha! My first reaction was to laugh. I couldn't believe the one registration SMS I sent a couple of weeks (or more?) ago, on the night I first watched 1 vs. 100 would really entitle me of a screening invitation.

When it sank into my mind, the next imperative question came in... should I go to the screening?

I was supposed to leave the metro this evening for my weekly reprieve to my hometown. I guess that would be postponed until tomorrow afternoon, right after the screening.

Yes... I am going tomorrow. Haha! This is so out of my league, and it's making me anxious!

Tomorrow will sure be a new experience. I only like participating in such quiz shows from a boob tube perspective. A probable participation inside that boob tube is a different one. Haha!


The irony of it all: I do not watch 1 vs. 100, except on the night I sent my registration out of sheer curiosity and whim. (^_^) Good luck to this seemingly capricious pursuit. Who knows I might end up getting a bit richer after all. *Wishful thinking*


Beejing said...

All the best Drake.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

gosh drake goodluck. ive been texting at that godd@*& show since last last last week (well, since its pilot, actually) and until now, i still havent received any invitation message. hahaha, but then again,whos waiting? hahaha

my colleague texted GKNB and she made it through the final exam, etc, she eventually won 10,000 on the show. ang caveat? hindi kasi nag-pa-atras powers. hahaha =)

Makoy said...

ano na nangyari sa screening? balato! hehe

Drake said...

@Beejing: Muchas gracias!

@Ruff: Be patient. I received the invitation, I think, three weeks or more after I texted. =)

@Makoy: Ipopost ko na. hehe. =)

Yoshke said...

kwento! kwento! dali! hahaha