Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Abstraction: The Wake of a Two-Month Conundrum

The past two months after my Hong Kong sojourn, I would say, was a dramatic experience, with tons of ruptured emotions; Some lingered to thin air. Everything was way overwhelming, too foreign to say the least. My whole system wasn't ready then - I just got back from a wonderful trip and I was well high-spirited. Alas, I broke down, the least that I would expect myself to do.

So, what could I possibly do then but to face all. This was something familiar to do yet the situations were totally out of my league. Like other people would do, I took the guts that I could muster and confronted the seemingly unrelenting play of emotions that took me by storm. I tell you, it wasn't easy. Pettily, I even asked God was this a payback for all the fun and joy I had in HK? The world did revolve - I was on the zenith for a week, then I drowned down to nadir.

Yet, somehow, in the brilliance of the world's forces, the wonderful people I have, and the Love that Is Always There, I quelled.

For one very good reason of God letting me through all these experiences, I am grateful... Well, I've always developed this certain attitude of mine from the countless times I've marred myself in the past. Despite how bad something is, I find something good in it. It may sound quite naive for most, well... OK, I'd consider that given that I don't see myself a total cynic - that's just who and how I am. Somehow, all this has helped me go through my life.

I'm glad to be back. (^_^)

Sorry for too much abstraction and lack of details. Thanks for those people who have expressed their kind concern in the past couple of months. Your thoughtfulness and kindness are well appreciated... I mean that. You know who you are. God bless!


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@DRAKE: Thanks for the comments drake! Musta na? Feeling better now?
~There may be too much abstraction in this entry of yours but the feelings nevertheless are definitely very well-conveyed. After all of the laughters and pains, the tragedies and the success, the gift of being alive is definitely enough reason to celebrate. Hope you’re doing well now drake. =)

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@Chase: =)
@Ruff: Thanks! =)