Friday, September 7, 2007

Bon Voyage Roxie!

Tomorrow, September 8, 2007, is the day my good friend Roxie is bound to leave the country for US. It's saddening 'cause it's just recent that we freshened up our friendship with more openness and profundity. The dread of bidding goodbye has crept me once more, and as always, it's never pleasing. Then again, I know that this is not absolute estrangement from a dear friend.

God bless your trip my dear friend. We will meet again and share stories once more. And this I promise, when you get back, I owe you one more coffee treat. (^_^) Hehe.

I'm just here, your good old "Mr. Careless", "Mr. Loner" friend. (Remember those "names". Hehe.)

Mimingat ca carin. Mikit tana pasibayu quing YM.

- Drake -

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