Thursday, September 20, 2007

Self-portrait: A Kid at Heart

Vibrant, young, gleeful and freewheeling!

My cousins and brother doused themselves in the calf-high flood in our family compound in the province. Not enervated by the dirt of the annual flood, they satisfied their hearts' desires, evidenced by their joyful grins. I could still remember the same jubilant aura I had while swimming with friends in the flood more than a decade ago.

The joy of youth! (^_^)


ardee sean said...

Ardee appreciate your art...loves photography too :p

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

" How soon hath Time, the subtle thief of youth,
Stoln on his wing my three and twentieth year!...

i recall a similar photo of mine. i was riding in a makeshift raft when the raft tumbled. it was all caught on film. eeew. but it was fun... aaah those childhood days..

how are you drake? =) btw, thanks for the SMS friend.

Drake said...

@Ardee: Thanks for the visit! =)
@Ruff: Hehe. That must have been really fun, and funny as well. =) I'm totally fine now. Free as a soaring albatross. (Haha, albatross talaga!)

Makoy said...

sarap naman maging bata enjoy lng talaga sila.

Drake said...

Sarap maging bata. =)

Coldman said...

buti pa ang mga bata walang masyadong problema.. childhood days....!

Drake said...

Sinabi mo pa coldman. Thanks for the visit. =)

Yoshke said...

swimming sa baha?


mahilig ako maligo sa ulan. ehehehe.

grabe. wala yata akong childhood.

chase said...

ewww. heheheheh
ako rin ganyan pagka bata. hahaahahaha... buti pa sa kanila kulay kape ang tubig..
nung nilaruan ko pagkabata is gray na.. mas ewww yun.. buti nalng flawless pa rin ang legs ko..
hahahahaahah.. joke!
hahay, i miss playing in the rain

Drake said...

@Yoshke: Yeah, swimming sa baha. =) Kadiri kung iisipin pero na-enjoy ko pang sumisid sa maruming tubig. Haha.
Mahilig din ako maligo sa ulan, sa sobrang lakas na ulan. 'Yong parang minamasahe ng ulan ang buong katawan mo. Hehe.
@Chase: Kulay kape na tubig na may halong kung anu-ano sa paligid... Hehe. It's actually not safe to swim then, ang dumi ng tubig na iyon. But I guess it's been a tradition to all the kids living in our compound to plunge into risky waters. Flooding is perennial in our town. We're so used to it, it's not even deemed as a calamity.
Miss ko na ring maligo at maglaro sa ulan.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

patingin nga chase =) hehehe.

forgot to tell you drake that i love the aquamarine spandex. =)

@DRAKE: (copied from my post to yours:) that’s my most favorite frame too drake, when i saw the pic, i just knew that i have to have it. and everytime i look at it now, i couldn’t get more at peace with myself. it just makes me so happy. though alone -- but never lonely.
~i hope you’ll get through this phase drake, you deserve to be happy my friend, after all the pains, sorrows, and the heartaches you’ve been through, i’m just hoping that you’ll have the clarity of mind, the closure, and the happiness you so truly ought to have. just like that child... cheeriup drake. if everything else fails, i just want you to know that you’ve got me. =)
~and the revisions? i'll definitely take note of that.

chase said...

laro tayo papa drake.. hahahahah

Drake said...

hindi umuulan ngayon e. haha. =p