Thursday, September 6, 2007

Do I Shine for You?

Wondering where you are now
If you can see me smiling
Through all the twists and turns
Well, I was broken I was burned
But I survived somehow

(Thank You for the gift of resiliency...)

You are the voice in my head
Reminding me what I'm made of
Take a chance, that's what you'd say
The gift is yours to give away
It's who I am
It's who I am

(Thank You for the gift of life, of wisdom, of conscience...)

Because you saw what I could be
I had a chance 'cause you believed
Now as I make my dreams come true
I shine for You
You were the one who dried my tears
Walked with me 'til my path was clear
You are in everything I do
I shine for You
I shine for You

(I really hope to shine for You someday...)

Somehow you always were there
Cheering me on, showing you cared
And now I'm out here on my own
But I know that I'm not alone
I still have You
I still have You

(Thank You for staying with me when I am in desperation, in solitude, in death...)

Every now and then I stumble
Sometimes I'm afraid
But like a hand upon my shoulder
You're there to guide my way

(Thank You for the guiding light you've always shone from the lighthouse...)


... I'm sorry I failed You once again. What was I thinking? You've always loved me yet I often hurt You. You've been my shoulder to cry on when I was in despair. You comforted me when my heart was throbbing in pain. Yet, how can I be so oblivious about all these?...

It's so strange that one aims for perfection in this imperfect world. I guess the former is nowhere to be found; It's in the culmination, and that one should search for it.

As long as there is breath in me, I will persist. No matter how flawed I am, how foolish I would be, I will persevere, to do the greatest of all the greatest... that is to LOVE.

The above stanzas are the lyrics of I Shine for You by Mau Marcelo.


Liza's Eyeview said...

I am not familiar with Mau Macelo but the stanzas above are moving. Thanks for posting it.

Your blog is a delight to come to. It's reflective and encouraging. I'd be back for more reading...


Drake said...

Thank you Liza. Mau Marcelo was the first champion of Philippine Idol. This song of hers is quite inspiring.

chase said...

have u heard the song gugmang gi-atay?
its a bisaya song. translation of the title: f*@#king love. or something like that.

Drake said...

Hi Chase. Haven't heard that one. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Bisaya songs. (:peace:) Thanks for dropping by though. =)