Monday, October 1, 2007

A Gluttonous End for September

I and my close guy college friends (the ones I was with in Hong Kong three months ago) got together again yesterday, this time at TriNoMa. Itinerary for that day: have lunch, watch Resident Evil: Extinction, and do spontaneity afterwards (e.g. shopping, coerce me to play DotA, gallivant along the mallways).

As planned, we had lunch from Mexicali (my treat 'cause of my forthcoming natal day), and viewed Resident Evil afterwards. I even managed to grab Darwin's Origin of Species: A Biography from Powerbooks, which I did not pretty much expect from myself then (why the heck did I get that book anyway?).

Anyway, our repasts from Mexicali, I would have to say, was hefty enough to our average stomachs. My two friends got each one a California-sized burrito (one Grilled Steak and one Ground Beef, which they hardly consumed because of the enormous serving), and I ordered a good-for-two serving of Chicken Fajitas.

Chicken Fajitas Chicken Fajitas Meal

Darn, the food was too much for my appetite (I underestimated their good-for-two serving. Apparently, it was "really" meant for two persons). Though the chicken was very tender and tasty, with all the sliced onions and julienned red bell peppers mixed, I was feeling almost sated after having just a couple of tortilla wraps. That was quite surprising as I often have big appetites, especially when rice's not included in the course. Good thing they had garlic dressing served, which helped my craving last long enough to take in all the remaining tortillas and chicken strips.

For dessert? Oh yes! We had dessert after that filling Mexican meal. One of my friends then was compelled to buy the trio afters as a penalty for arriving half an hour past our meeting time.

Exiting from Mexicali, we saw a nearby Mrs. Fields cafe. I thought it was a good idea to have a white chocolate macadamia cookie from the said store so I suggested he get us our sweet treats from there. Unfortunately, instead of getting cookies, my other friend suggested we get ice cream. Being complaisant enough, I submitted to the suggestion as I haven't tasted Mrs. Fields' frozen delights. From the six flavors available, I sticked loyal to my taste and chose the macadamia-flavored one. To my disappointment, the ice cream was too sweet and had more of a sorbet feel on the tongue.

Mrs. Fields Ice Cream Booth Macadamia, Chochomint and Banana-Cashew

After watching Resident Evil: Extinction, the three of us waited for the fourth member of our clique. He was late to arrive due to some Sunday work in his company.

It was already dinner time when our group was completed. My late arriver friend came in famished. Though my stomach wasn't aching for more food then (as I could still taste Chicken Fajitas from my occasional belching), we decided to get our evening meals. This time, we went outside the mall and into TriNoMa's facade, where Terikayi Boy was installed. Here's what we had.

Tempura Maki Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon Strips Mango Shake Salmon Rice Bowl
Tofu Appetizer Chicken Rice Bowl

The Tempura Maki, Tofu, and Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon Strips are the ones I ordered for sharing. Unlike my friends, I did not get a rice bowl of my choice because I was still feeling sated. Then again, I enjoyed the food we had - of course!

After that satisfying dinner, I thought we were to do some strolling along the mallways just to let the food sink deeper into our gastronomic systems. We debated on what to do next: Watch another movie? Play DotA, which I really do not know how to? Sing karaoke at Red Box?

When we seemed to be going into a futile discussion, one of my friends butted in and suggested we get dessert from Razon's of Guagua - his treat. What?!? Food again?!?

Much to the delight of me and my other two friends being regaled, we agreed and apparently became oblivious of our satiation.

Gosh! I could hardly finish by serving of Halo-halo. In as much as I wanted to enjoy it, it was more of a chore for me to even spear a spoon of milk and ice to my mouth. Only my late arriver friend managed to finish his. I... just half of the plastic cup.

After that icy treat, I thought we were about to call it a day. Surprisingly, again, one of my friend, this time it was late arriver, volunteered to take us to Five Cows to try their ice cream cakes. Waaah! Dessert again!

And guess what? Without much hesitation to disregard the generosity, we accepted his invitation as it was on him this time (Well, we don't reject blessings do we. Haha!). Check out these fancy creations.

S'mores Cake Rocky Almond Bars Torta de Manila

The cakes: S'mores Cake, Rocky Almond Bar, and Torta de Manila. The first two are too sweet for me, especially their crusts (I suspect embedded granules of white sugar to be the culprit to over-sweetness). The last one, which was the most intriguing of the three, was actually a cake made of vanilla ice cream and saging na turon (banana spring rolls). Yes, you read it right, saging na turon (what a clever idea!). I liked it the most because of the vanilla ice cream used - it made it less sweet compared to the two chocolate-based ones. But then, my gustation was just too tired from over-indulgence and I couldn't be righteous enough to criticize and savor the delicacy of each cold wedge.

It was almost mall closing time when we ended our gastronomic caprice (whew!). Thank God! On the other hand, I felt quite guilty being a glutton for a day; It was a total deviation from my mundane life. Oh well, I guessed an episodic food tripping wouldn't hurt much, especially if shared with good old friends. (^_^)

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roxie said...

Oh noes! Foods galore! =) At kamusta naman yon puro sweets. Di ka na sugar overdose niyan? hehe

Drake said...

Nakakabaliw 'yong ginawa namin. Ni hindi ko na nga malunok ung huling kinain namin sa sobrang kabusugan kahit na masarap pa. Haha! Kaya nga kahapon, super healthy meals ako. Hehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

grabe ang dami namang pagkain nyan. when we went to trinoma, it took us 3 hours to consume our food at heaven and eggs. we eat like animals kasi eh, and everytime may nagsasabi na good for two ang servings nila, we usually dont believe them kasi sa sobrang dami kasi talaga naming kumain, nagiging good for one na lang yung food nila. pero dito sobrang huge ng servings nila, plus the complimentary foods, etc etc. hayun it took us 3 hrs to consume everything. and thats just for lunch... =) is razons halo halo good? =)

Drake said...

The only thing that I like about Razon's here in Metro Manila is that they do not add sugar to the halo-halo - matamis na kasi ung mga sahog. Then again, the Razon's in Pampanga has a better taste.

chase said...

ohh my golly.. so many delicious food..

watched resident evil too.. very cool movie.

Drake said...

Oo, sobrang dami! Di ko kinaya!