Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day: Environmental Concern

So, what do I do for the environment? Let me count some of the ways:

1. Whenever I buy items from 7-11, especially for a single item, I don't ask or even let the cashier bag my purchase. Also, if I am bringing my own bag, I just dumped my purchase inside it as long as I still have extra space.

2. I don't smoke cigarettes.

3. I don't have my own vehicle. (If I would, I want it to run with biofuel - Err... I just hope this does not cost much when the time comes I am to purchase.)

4. The REUSE/RECYCLE principle: for plastic bottles to be utilized again as water containers when I attend my Capoeira training and do swimming; for office printouts, reuse for doodling (hehe) and brainstorming.

5. Common sense: put the trash inside the trash bin. For segregated trash cans, put the right trash on the right bin. Need I say more?

6. Non-CFC aerosols for me. Always check the labels.

7. I reuse that "green bag" from SM Supermarket whenever I do grocery shopping since the day I got it. It would have been much better if the bag were made of canvass instead of the seemingly plastic green material.

I may have offended one of these (but never #2!) but nevertheless, in most cases, I adhere to them. Such no-brainers I assume, yet too hard to be habitual to some. What do you do for your environment? Do you still care?


Coldman said...

pwedeng magdagdag, pwede bang.... Think green?!

Drake said...

Pwedeng pwede... that is, if we're talking about the same thing. Hehe. =P

ladyMacho said...

yell at those people who keep on throwing their trash anywhere...hahaha!
nice campaign drake...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i do the segregation of waste in the hospital premises (we're required din naman so why violate right?):

green for biodegradables;
black for the non-biodegradables;
black with white tie for body parts (eeew);
yellow for the infectious/pathological waste;
red for the sharps;
white for pharmacologic waste;
white with black tie for bottles; and
orange for the radioactive ones.

ang dami no, kainis! =)

an infection control nurse once found (and by found, i mean, she literally dug every waste bin in our entire ward) a single used glove in a black bin and the next thing we knew, every one of us are making incident reports.

and oh, i dont smoke as well. =)

Drake said...

@Ladymacho: If I were the haranguing type, I would gladly do so.. Hehe. The thing is, most of the time, my introversion gets in the way.

@Ruff: Grabe, ang dami naman non. Do you have labels for those in case someone misses which one's which?

Good for you, you don't smoke. Ayoko talaga sa usok ng sigarilyo. I have this "psychological" allergic reaction on cigarette smoke - skyrockets my annoyance. Even my father knows this, at kapag naninigarilyo siya, I would often offer my dismayed face. I've told him it's not good for him and the family. Seems he have just developed an obvious addiction. Err...

neldz said...
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chase said...

join greenpeace!

Drake said...

Chase: I do plan to join them one day. :)