Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting Combative

Capoeira enrollment cardOn the eve of my birthday, I had a taste of how it was to do some martial arts maneuvers with the guidance of an erudite trainer. This was no Chinese martial arts, as most would instinctively assume in their minds. It's Capoeira, a Brazilian dance form of martial arts.

Last Monday, when I had my second session, I finally enrolled into the class. Yey! This was like a product of The Secret. Months ago, I was practicing my cartwheel for some childhood frustrations. Then, I held knowledge about Capoeira from a men's magazine. The next thing, I found myself enthused by it. And just recently, it came into reality, like wishing it to the worldly genie responding to me: Your wish is my command. Haha! Roffle!

If you could recall one Bench commercial, which featured Rafael Rosell (only wearing a nether undergarment), the routine he did there was a series of Capoeira moves (if I am not mistaken, the first stance he did was esquiva frontal).


Mugen said...

Very interesting blog. Your avatar caught my attention. Happy Birthday dude.

Drake said...

Thanks Mugen. =D

Beejing said...

Nice. Nice. Hope I could enroll myself to some kind of relaxing workout... tehee! it's almost my birthday too! :D

Coldman said...

Can I assume na sexy ka ka? Dahil sa moves na ganyan! hahaha!

Keep the faith!

Drake said...

@Beejing: Feliz cumpleaƱos! =)

@Coldman: Of course you "can" assume... hehe. Namilosopo eh.. Hehe. Joke lang po. I'm more of the lean type now due to swimming. Nagkakaron na yata ako ng pakpak. LOLs! Would you believe I was 210+ pounds 4-5 years ago? Hehe. Thanks! =D

Coldman said...

Astig kung may pakpak ka parang Mulawin! hahaha!

Chubby ka pala dati. Sabi nga nila disiplina lang.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hawpee birthday drake!

Ooooh, capoeira. Darn, I think I'll stick with yoga. I'm not giving up on yoga... yet. There's still hope for me, I guess.

PS. Thanks for the well-wishes drake. My interviews went pretty well naman. 2 more to go! Hehe.

And thanks for the SMS. =) Goodluck on your work-outs! Teehee

Drake said...

@Coldman: Haha! Wish ko lang huwag naman sobrang laki. Hanggang pakpak lang ni Michael Phelps ang pwede. Hehe.

Hindi ako chubby noon. Obese... obese dapat. Hehe. Ngayon, OK na OK na ako. Just perfect for my height and health. ;)

Drake said...

@Ruff: Thanks Ruff! What yoga do you do? Hatha? Actually, yoga can be a great supplementary routine for capoeira. Some of the stretches I do are actually yoga positions (and even Pilates as well). I've known (in mind, that is) Bikram yoga for quite some time now. If I'd do yoga, might as well let it be Bikram. The problem is, I need a heated room for it. I think there is a Bikram studio though in Makati. Then again, it's just one of those items in my "Wanna Try" list.

That's great Ruff. Nice to know you're doing pretty well with your interviews. Way to go! Hope you land on a job that you love.

ladyMacho said...

you mean someday i will be seeing you performing like that of Russel? hmmmm....hehehe!

Drake said...

Oh how I wish I could... well, if I get too serious with capoeira, who knows, you may see one day doing that. Hehe. That is, with capoeira attire. =P

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Oooh drake! I do Bikram Yoga, and yup, there at Makati. The building's just adjacent from where I used to work before. Have tried their yoga for like 3 weeks and er, let's just say that yoga wouldn't be as effective if you won't cut down on those darn calories.

The heat, gawd, could not even tolerate it at first. I have switched to a lesser intensity flow series at a studio somewhere at Makati rin. Atleast dun, hindi ako super stressed. Bikram is draining, but is fulfilling if you have the discipline to commit to it.

Drake said...

Wow! Really? You've enrolled in the class in Makati before.

Sabi nga nila nakaka-drain. I watched one episode of Rated Oh before in ETC and saw the Makati studio and a Bikram instructor. Kailangan yata naka-swimming attire 'pag nagenroll sa Bikram sa dami ng pawis na ilalabas ng katawan na para ka na ring naligo. Hehe.

chase said...

wow,this is very interesting
but im afraid to get hit. hehhehe
im thinking of wushu.. very crouching tiger hidden dragon. haaayaaaa!

Drake said...

It's actually quite addictive Chase. Hehe.

So far, I've never been hit during capoeira class. The capoeira game doesn't really aim players to hit each other. Rather, we just play using the movements with defensive/offensive stances.

I guess the hitting part would come in advance sessions where players would be required to have more agility, flexibility and control.

Wushu... now that's interesting. Hehe. ;)