Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Surprise Call

10:54 AM, Delifrance, The Podium

After paying the sandwich I ordered, the cashier lady handed me my change and my order number - 4 (Must be my lucky day; Four's my number). I sat on the chair of one of the vacant table sets and waited patiently to get my midday repast. Whimsically, I checked my phone to see if there were lingering new SMS in my inbox. To my surprise, someone was calling.... The number: +000000 - how obscure.... Coming to my senses, I thought it might be some computer generated or international call dispatched indirectly to my number.

"Hello?", I said. No one answered.
"Hello?", I said again. This time someone answered back with a familiar voice. Who could that be?
Rehashing my memory... oh my gosh! It's Jannah, my college friend who's been living in the US for three years now.

She called me just to greet me a Happy Birthday - geez, how thoughtful of her to do.. Well, it's not yet my natal day. Then again, she ringed me just to make sure she does not forget to leave me a greeting.

Thanks Jannah! I appreciate the call very much! Hope to see you back here in Pinas. Don't forget, I still owe you a movie date. (^_^)


Makoy said...

ei you have been tagged by me. pls visit my blog for instructions. see yah!

Yas Ligtas said...

hey drake, when was the birthday? Hope you had a good one. SUper perfundo!

Drake said...

@Makoy: Will check =)

@Yas: My birthday's not yet past this year, though I've had a few advance celebrations with friends. Thanks!

roxie said...

o diba marami kang friends na nagmamahal sayo! =) Advance Happy Birthday Mr. Careless! I remember last year, kung kelan birthday mo na dun pa kita nakalimutan batiin. Hehe.. Buti na lang bago natapos ang araw naalala ko. =)

Drake said...

Oi! Bakit gising ka pa? Hehe.

Salamat Ef! Hehe. Onga... Pero at least nabati mo pa rin ako. Hehe. Ingat ka riyan!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

belated habeberday! smooches =)

Drake said...

Muchas gracias Ruff bonito. =)