Thursday, August 2, 2007


... when you suddenly transcend to the 4th position from being the 31st in a class
... when you enjoy integration and differentiation in calculus, together with analytic geometry while your classmates are freaking nervous whenever an 8-page fully-graphed exam paper is given by your weird teacher
... when you memorize all the currencies of all the countries in the world and be called a walking encyclopedia
... when you get the highest grades from all the highest-weighted subjects but you're not even the Valedictorian or the Salutatorian
... when you make the school team win in a knowledge quiz bee competition despite you being just a one-day replacement for an absent member
... when you get a perfect score in your final exam in Numerical Analysis and half of your classmates are dying to pull their scores up to the passing mark
... when you become the class president, when you tutor your other classmates in Calculus, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Accounting... despite you being the youngest

... when you live-up a year unknowingly wavering your relationship with your one best friend
... when you do not realize enough how your best friend cares and appreciates you
... when you can't bring back the same relationship you've had with your best friend simply because now is not yesterday
... when you cry in the presence of your teacher and classmates because of a line from the Secret of the Fox
... when you're foolishly in love
... when you love and not be loved in return
... when people think just because you're queer you're all loquacious and promiscuous
... when you get exposed to premature sexual encounters that taint your innocence
... when people think you're all perfect when you're not
... when you're misunderstood
... when you're too kind
... when you unintentionally hurt someone's feelings


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

wow! you're quite an achiever eh? (like me hahaha, just kidding) i could see a lot of myself in you drake. and i think its a good thing. the weird part? its actually really impressive..

and does it suck when you get exposed to premature sexual encounters that taint your innocence? i think its a good thing though. it made me a better person after all the stupid things i have done in my past. i learn more about myself from such experiences.. they can't be too bad ryt? =) cheer up!

Drake said...

Thanks Ruff for the compliment on this cathartic post. Hehe.
On hindsight, it doesn't absolutely suck 'cause the past has made me a learned person. I just did not like myself being only 5 years old then; It was generally traumatizing, with the effects and implications... Nevertheless, I'm fine now and that's what matters. ;)

ladyMacho said...

NO..they aren't weird...coz...they are your blessings...

NO...they don't suck...coz...they let you learn and improve yourself.