Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 Harebrained Drake Facts

I guess I am way behind here, nevertheless I am answering this meme. By the way, I was tagged by ladyMacho (^_^).

1. I have the ability to lock and unlock my jaw voluntarily. This is medically unsafe as "clicking" and locking the jaw is tantamount to creating friction on the joints that join the upper jaw and the mandible. Alas, I still click my jaw especially when I yawn, as I have been used to opening my maw to its limits since birth. My dentist joshingly says I've got talent. Hehe. She admonished to avoid doing it as it may severe the jaw joints. Well, it seems I need to practice yawning in a demure manner.

2. I'm a calorie freak. Labels on cereal boxes and fruit juices, junk food foil packs and dairy tetra packs... matter. I've developed this OC behavior on the food that I eat since the day I started shedding my baby fats worth 70 lbs. I think there's nothing wrong with monitoring Nutrition Facts of my food - it's a way of being a responsible food consumer. But too much concern is quite bothersome. It's a good thing I've learned to loosen up on the calorie counting (well, just a bit :p).

3. I did not attend my Accounting II class and consequently missed a test just to prove to one of my classmates (who pissed me off) that I was not a perfect student as he deemed me annoyingly. Gosh, this was childish and ridiculous. At hindsight, I would not have done such. But I did, 'cause I was totally pissed off. This was just plain insane. What's just funny was that I still managed to get a 1 on my report card.

4. I tutored my classmates for free. During college I was so dedicated in tutoring my classmates in most of our Mathematics subjects. I just felt happy that I was able to help them in their struggles.

5. I lost 2 inches off my waist in just a month without exercise. Oh yeah, I was apparently happy (Who wouldn't be happy to be size 32 from being size 34?) with the results but at hindsight it was insanely unhealthy. Weight-loss should be done with proper diet and proper physical exercise.

6. I shaved the hair on my limbs for nothing. This was when I was in first year high school. I just got curious on how my extremities would look and feel without hair. Haha! Which reminds me... there was an instance then when I accidentally shaved half of my left eyebrow. It freaked me out 'cause my face was not anymore symmetrical.

7. I have a fondness of watching tear-jerking films. A Walk to Remember made me appreciate such flicks. And so the list continued... A Moment to Remember, Bicentennial Man, The Notebook, ING..., A Sad Movie...

8. I think I am anal-retentive. Associated to my occasional obsessive-compulsive behavior, being anal-retentive predisposes me to being meticulous in such things like: In eating pancit, I eat the veggies first, then the noodles, then the meat/shrimps; I eat the skin and breading of hotdogs and chicken nuggets first; I want my CD covers folded the same way they are folded when they were bought; and #2 in this list.


ladyMacho said...

hahaha! you're more weird than i am...hehehe! at least ako never ako nagshaved ng eyebrow.. :))

as usual, i need the wordnet to totally understand the words here...galing mo maglaro ng words...
one more thing, d ko alam kng tatawagin kitang nerd or sadyang napakatalino mo...akalain mo un d ka na umattend naka-uno ka pa...wosshooo!!! bravooo!!!

anyways, my day is still not good pero but reading this made me laugh...natatawa ako kc same age tau but i don't understand some words u used.

Drake said...

Haha! I'm happy this post made you laugh a bit. Hope you're getting better.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit drake. I guess I’m now okay, and I kinda’ moved on na. No use wallowing over past mistakes or wondering over the shoulda-coulda-woulda’s. Now, I have decided to pursue a “life of happiness” by living in a “right here, right now” basis. I've heard this philosophy in Heroes nga pala. That show had been really therapeutic. Feel free to do the meme drake. Hope you’ll have fun doing it.

Re#1, that could cause migraine attacks too if im not mistaken. and i do your #2 too. when i was taking nutrition classes a few years back, those nutrition fact boxes have become my ultimate bestfriends. my friends and my family think that im too obsessive compulsive about doing that. i used to self impose a 1800-cal diet a day kasi *dati eh. im that uber-conscious on my food intake *before.

on a surprising note, i did #4 too, but in my inorganic chemistry class naman. but for free din. #5 is still a dream, while i used to wax as for #6. and contrary to your #8, im the exact opposite, im anal expulsive--reckless, carefree and tacky.

and i still am. =) im *that contradictory drake. i guess thats what makes me unique. hahaha

chase said...

the eyebrow shaving was very funny.
grabe.. hahahah
how could you accidentally shave the left side eyebrow??

shaving the hair on the lower extrimities kinda reminded me of my 1st bf. everytime we cuddle yucks ang feeling pag mag touch ang legs namin.
parang natutusok ako sa isang porcupine.

Drake said...

@RUFF: A few similarities there Ruff... except for that anal-expulsiveness of yours. As for the calorie counting, I'm getting less and less concerned about it lately. I need to gain mass.
Thanks Ruff and it's nice to know you're OK.
@CHASE: Well, this was what happened. It's something ridiculous I did then. I wanted to cut my bangs but I didn't have a pair of scissors. So, I took a shaver and aimed it on the bangs that I wanted to cut, which was apparently just above my eyebrow. Of course, the cutting would require more than one stroke, and so I repeatedly shove the razor, unknowingly removing parts of my eyebrow. HAHA! Isn't that ludicrous or what? Hehe.

yoshke said...

i used to have OC disorder.

My obsession: that I might set my house on fire.

My compulsion: I used to check the gas tank in the kitchen more than 20 times just to make sure that there was no leak.

When I got over that, another developed.

My obsession: that we would be held hostage by some Akyat Bahay Gang.

My compulsion: doors naman yung pinagdiskitahan ko. Before going to bed, I used to check if it was properly locked more than 20 times. Kahit na, say, sobrang gabi na at nagising ako, I'd go down to the living area to check the front door.

Dati yun. Ewan ko lang ngayon. Hehe