Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rainy days always get me down

Rainy weather always connotes the feeling of sadness and solitude to my emotional dimension. The cold wind it brings, together with the seemingly ominous cumulonimbus formations, kindles melancholic mood. Capricious to the rational mind, such sensation I often feel is just a mere manifestation of my trivial self. Nothing significant at that. Though sometimes, it calls forth the elusive pains inside to introspection. Odd, but at hindsight, I like experiencing such plaintive occurrence.


It's been 4/5 days since you left, still I don't have the answers. It's fine; I am still waiting...

Photo courtesy of Philip Spence's Ninja-Bunny


Yas Ligtas said...

hey there, i'm building up my blog roll, min exchanging links?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi drake. how are you coping? hope the weather's now cooperating.

maruja told me that I might be afraid of falling in love with a one-night stand or leaving my "comfort zone". i told her i have problems with both pero comparing the magnitude of my problem to yours, i know that yours is much much difficult/painful.

like what i told kiks, its funny why we always say "lalaki lang yun," but the fact is that it's not necessarily the person that we really miss, but the emotions we've shared with him/them and the relationship itself.

its true, marami ngang lalaki, pero ang lalaking magmamahal sa iyo at tatanggapin ang buo mong pagkatao, yun ang mahirap hanapin.

and yup, sometimes its hard to let go of the memories. esp when memories are all that you have =( be well drake. im always praying for your happiness =)

Drake said...

@yas ligtas: Sure. No problem.

Drake said...

Hi Ruff. I'm getting by; Feeling much better than a week back. I've had a myriad of solitary struggles since I was a child and I've passed them all. I don't say I'm invincible; I'm only as strong as I can be. Time is of the essence now as it will give me what I need.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness and concern Ruff. And congratulations for bouncing back. God bless you! :)

chase said...

i heard oprah said. that time won't heal wounds. what you do in those times heal wounds.
keep ourselves bc.

anyway, i have the opposite reaction to rain. i feel the surge of blissfulness and joy.

i'm loving ur blog.
will link you..
hope ur okai na

Drake said...

Hi Chase. I guess what you said is partially true but I've proven that wrong with my first probably because of my being very committal.
Anyway, thanks for your kind concern Chase. And thanks for linking me up. Will do the same.

chase said...

no problem drake..
been there.