Thursday, July 26, 2007

A "Real" Trip to Jerusalem

This is breath taking! I just received a confirmation e-mail from my superiors that I'll be going to Israel for a two-month project in our newly acquired office there. Apparently, it's flattering to have myself chosen. Then again, it's a bit nerve-wrecking that I only have one week to prepare before the expected departure to the "Holy Place". Gosh! I am not so prepared!

(1754 : This just in!) Good news for me. I got an e-mail that my flight will be deferred until August 17. Whew... Now I have more time to prepare myself for it. (^_^)


tokikot said...

israel?! nice! i hope you get to visit all those religious sites!

Drake said...

thanks tokikot! i am hoping for that ;)

Anonymous said...

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tokikot said...

update! update! :p