Saturday, July 21, 2007

Apparently Feminine!

Personality tests, IQ tests, psychological tests... the list goes on. Such tests are a fancy to my curious mind. Almost all of the time, whenever I bump into a website, like Tickle, I'd get myself answering an interesting one.

A few days back, I took the "Your Gender Identity" test. It's not that I am not certain on the gender traits that I have, don't get me wrong. I have known myself to be more feminine than masculine, and that's what I expected the outcome of the exam would be. And so, it did.

Well, that was a bit surprising, 63% femininity, crawling through my veins and nerves. The result was a tad shy than what I anticipated. It seemed my system's getting favor now from my endocrinal testosterone.

My gender type according to the outcome? Androgynous.

People who are androgynous have both strong masculine and strong feminine qualities. Androgynous people tend to be both action and people oriented, and are usually able to successfully take on a diverse range of roles that cross gender-role boundaries.

Well, I surmise it's a fact - I'm really straddling in between! (^_^)

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