Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only Human

While I was fixing my hair this morning and listening to my phone's music playlist, Jed Madela's revival of Human (from his new album Jed Madela: Only Human) went on playing.

It's not my attitude to pay much attention to the words of a song, or to any song for that matter. As long as I like the melody, I'd appreciate the music. I've heard Human a number of times as I often play it from my office laptop but I never heed its lyrics. I just realized this morning that the song ponders on a human fact that most people overuse and "lamely" use.

Human, born to make mistakes....

It's true, we humans are faulty; But we should not focus on such predisposing reality that we may and we can avoid doing. Most people would make use of this as an excuse to their misdemeanors. I surmise it's a natural attack from their defensive minds. I too am guilty of such. On the other hand, I think it's better to mind what we can do on averting mistakes instead of just letting ourselves merely vulnerable... Just a thought. (^_^)

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