Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Re: Re: To be one of the 100?

January 4, 2008, 12:18 PM, I received an SMS from my Aunt:

Someone called from 1 vs 100 and she said tomorrow is your taping. Call time is 5 PM. Enter through the audience entrance and bring a valid ID.
Waah! After more than three months from the day of screening... after almost being oblivious of my mob member application, I finally got a taping schedule for 1 VS 100.

It was last Saturday that I got inside ABS-CBN's compound once more for the taping of 1 VS 100. In as much as I would want to detail what has been during the actual taping, I would not want to preempt avid viewers of the show who might be reading this post. Don't worry, I won't spoil or give the questions in the episode I was in. Hehe.

Anyway, just to summarize ('cause I don't have much time. The new year has been busy for me as I have been training new employees and surely do not have the luxury to blog so much.) what has transpired that evening of January 5:
  • I was so nervous during the show - my presence there was definitely out of my league and I couldn't tell if I was enjoying my stay in the studio or not. Keying my answer for every question was a chore, plus the fact that the 6-second time limit was a bit mind-blocking and thought-disrupting - my common-sense almost got paralyzed by my nervousness and chills from the frigid studio. Next time, I'd bring a jacket.
  • The episode's contestant (a.k.a. "The 1") was Aiko Melendez. She was playing for some charitable cause.
  • There were two pastors in the mob; some devotees of the Black Nazarene; some wood sculptors from Pampanga; and some Moriones dancers from Tondo, Manila
  • Out of some luck, I answered all given questions correctly (and nervously!)
Yes... the last item in the list suggests that I was "awarded" after the game an orange shirt, with a flaming text on the front shouting...

I'll not tell you if I got some cash prize or not - no spoilers here. This souvenir shirt would suffice for the moment. (^_^)


Makoy said...

akin na lang tshirt mo ;) you've been tagged by me pla

Drake said...

di pwede. souvenir yan.

check ko meme na yan... sana magawa ko.. hehe

ruff said...

you're now OFFICIALLY my IDOL!!!

kudos kudos kudos! :-)

Drake said...

Gheez... You don't need to make me your idol. Hehe.

Anyway, thanks Ruff! Hope you're well. (^_^)

Coldman said...

wow! congrats! isa ka talagang unbeatables =)

Drake said...

salamat, salamat Coldman! =D

chase said...

hey drake! welcome back..
wow, busy bee..

last saturday was my first time to watch 1 vs. 100 with cutie pie derek ramsey..
its nice show pala..

unbeatable? wow, congrats.. san ka dun?

Drake said...

yeah, the show's quite interesting and fun (that is, the mob of course).

luckily, it's true, i am one of the unbeatables. just watch Aiko's episode, which is actually the next one to be shown this Saturday.

thanks Chase for always dropping by. (^_^)

Dex said...

Congrats! I've always wanted to be part of the mob. lol

Drake said...

Thanks Dex! The game was fun, but at the same time tiring. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

i should've watched that episode. way to do, drake! :)

jbinx said...

hay..nakasali din ako dyan..sadly, on the fourth question eh natanggal ako..too bad i don't watch cartoons nowadays..it was kim atienza's episode(natalo din sya dun eh)heheh..yup i am a kpmpngan :-)