Thursday, December 27, 2007

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Jesus!

I thought I would not be able to post any entry this week due to my yearly Christmas banishment to the rurals. Err... OK, not really the rurals - my hometown's not that estranged from civilization and from the benefits of Industrial Revolution.

I, together with my mother and two brothers, went to the mall. It's by good chance that I brought my laptop and dined at Burger King 'cause it has free WiFi access. That's why I get to blog right now. Hehe.

So how was this year's December?


The Universidad de Santo Tomas has always been known for its annual Paskuhan - the institution's university-wide Christmas party. For some circumstances, I went to the event, though very late at around 9 PM (yeah, and I missed the fireworks). My so-called "school-coming" was quite emotionally corny and utterly nostalgic. You see, it's been almost a couple of years since I last set foot on the humble grounds of UST. The ghost of my college days just went through my nerves and I was suddenly feeling "studentish" again. Plus the fact that some of my college guy friends, the ones who formed my college clique, were there. I just couldn't help but be reminiscent despite a lot of changes in the infrastructures and student atmosphere in the campus (I must give note that a lot of UST students that I saw were so different from the once I've actually encountered and dealt with three years back.)


The infamous company Christmas party was at it again... and needless to say, it was a costume party again, only this time, a Retro Christmas party (contrary to the boring Hat party of 2005 and the floral Luau party of 2006). It would have been a hard time for me looking for a vintage costume set if not for my resourceful Aunt who have a friend who collects fancy costumes. I opted for a 70s costume set of a butterfly-collared top, a pair of bell-bottom jeans, and a pair of humongous sun glasses. The costume was great (I think I even had one of the bests in the party), except for my fat ass, which a lot of my officemates noticed (and they actually bullied me for this... err).

The yearly department presentations were included in the program. And for the second time, my team won. I was so proud 'cause I was one of the organizers of the team. I just felt so happy that our 5PM practice everyday, despite haunting busy work and deadlines, paid-off.


Some of the gifts I received this Christmas!
The big Elmo's from my dear best friend. She surprised me with this - I didn't really expect she would remember me wanting an Elmo stuffed toy (It was two years ago the last time I was so compelled to buy Elmo). Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!


Err... it's already 4PM... my mother and brother are waiting for me to finish this blog entry. I guess I'll end at this point and just continue my Christmas entry when I get back in the metro... or by chance tomorrow... that is, if I go to the mall. Hehe.

But before I leave, let me leave my sincere greetings to you dear reader even if it's two days late... Merry Christmas! Even if you can't get a wedge of the Strawberry Cheesecake I baked last Christmas eve, let me still share it with you, even if just through this photo.

Happy New Year too! (^_^)


yoshke said...

hey drake, Wednesday? Starbucks Megastrip? Hmmm. Nope. That's not me.

But yes, I have a striped hoodie. Uhm, baka hindi Wednesday. I was at Starbucks megastrip Monday last week. I didnt buy anything though coz I decided to move to Starbs Podium. Hindi kasi ko makapag-aral sa Megastrip. Haha.

chase said...

that strawberry cheesecake looks very tempting...

awww, elmo.. i love elmo.
but i'm more of a cookie monster fella.

cookies.. and the color blue. my kind of thing..
but elmo is soo cute..
puwede akin nalng xa. ?

merry christmas and a happy new year drake!

Drake said...

@Yoshke: Oh I see... I was actually quite positive though that it was you 'cause the person really looked like you... err... must be your doppelganger... hehe.. just kidding. Happy New Year Yosh!

Drake said...

@Chase: Thanks Chase for the compliment on the cheesecake. Hehe.

I also like cookie monster especially during the young time of my Sesame Street days. Pareho kasi kaming may big appetite. Plus, I also liked cookies so much then. Hehe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too Chase! (^_^)

ladyMacho said...

..."The costume was great (I think I even had one of the bests in the party), except for my fat ass, which a lot of my officemates noticed (and they actually bullied me for this... err)."...
>> just want to comment on this since i was one of those persons who bullied him...well, just want to inform u guys that drake really luk great dat tym becoz of his fat firm butt!!! hahahaha! peace!!! :))

Drake said...

Haha! I hate you ladymacho!
Just kidding!
Errr... why do you need to emphasize my big butt anyway?! tsk tsk tsk. Hehe. (^_^)