Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Hobby (again?)

Last December, my officemate let me try her set of rainbow-colored fabric pois. Little did I know then that I'd actually be interested in twirling pois. Not until last Christmas vacation when I made improvised "sock pois" from old stockings from my grandma's closet and hollow rocks (yes... rocks - means "ouch" when hit) did I realize I was being enthused to this form of art. I practiced some moves taught by my officemate and some from Home of Poi. Though the moves seemed to be easy to do, the actual execution required eye-hand coordination and a relaxed mind. The trials fared well though. And from there, I pursued.

One thing I like about poi twirling is that it exercises my arm muscles (including parts of my shoulder and upper back) quite well. This obsession to physical activities is driving me loco in the past year... from swimming, to capoeira, to poi twirling... whew. (By the way, I still swim and still practice capoeira)

Thanks to my officemate who let me try her poi set. Now, I'm twirling my own.


Coldman said...

kumusta naman ang mga biceps natin?

Drake said...

Mabuti naman. =P

Janus said...

I love to try out poi...

A friend of mine tried it last summer... Good thing summer na, I want to try this hobby while enjoying the beach! wah!

nice blog btw, care to link ex?

Drake said...

@Janus: You better try it. It's not just a form of art/juggling but also a good exercise especially for your upper body and for your coordination. Make your own improvised pois just like what I did. Hehe.

Sure. I just added you up. (^_^)

Janus said...

improvised? pwede pala yun? wahehehe... and where can I buy one?

thanks man! i'll link you up as well..

Drake said...

@Janus: Yup yup. You can make improvised poi for practice purposes, that is. You may use those long socks or old stockings of your mom or grandma then put some manageable weight in them and voila! you have a poi set.

If you want to get a pair, you may go to Tickles shop in Glorietta 4 Second Level. They sell Fabric Pois there made by PlanetZips(FYI, there are other kinds of poi like Fire Poi and Socks Poi. I assume you're looking for the ones with colorful tails right? Those are fabric pois.) The cost? Well, a set is a bit pricey at 999 pesos a pair. If you get a set directly from PlanetZips, I think it'll only cost you 950 pesos (still pricey though).

You may check these websites if you're really interested with poi twirling: